DS Solutions is globally recognized as the premier provider of BPCS / ERP LX consulting services. Our company mission is to provide outstanding service, value and solutions for our customers. We have a world class team of application, technical and eCommerce consultants with over 100 years of combined hands on, practical experience ready to help your organization succeed and earn the greatest return on your BPCS / ERP LX investment.
A large, multinational company stated the following reasons for selecting DS Solutions to implement BPCS:
  • Good knowledge of BPCS
  • Result (target date) focused
  • Good focus on training
  • Good project approach (plan)
  • Involved in a high number of implementations
  • Doing business based upon building a strong relationship with customers
  • Able to provide 'after care' support
  • No 9 to 5 mentality
  • Good references
  • Prepared to do hands-on work during the project 
** DS Solutions could not have stated it any better **

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