“What a great training resource.”
Chrystal Johnson
Vice President of Information Services and Support
American Italian Pasta Company

“Provides an understanding of table relationships in the UNIX environment.”
Tony Brown
MIS Director
Lozier Corporation

The Overview Reference Manual for BPCS addresses the major modules of Configurable Enterprise Financials, Supply Chain Management and Multi-Mode Manufacturing.  For each module, the Manual provides the user with summarized information and critical element checklists that ensures the highest level of implementation effectiveness.  The manual contains over 70 flowcharts and is available for V6.0.02, V6.0.04 and V6.1.00.  To date, the Manual is helping 120 companies in 12 countries.
All sample pages below are in PDF format.  
Table of Contents
View the modules covered in the Manual.
Integration with Other Products Sample Page
View the integration with other products page from the manufacturing data management (MDM) section.
Product Flow Sample Page
View the product flow page from the costing (CST) section.
General Concepts Sample Page
View the general concepts page from the master scheduling / material requirements planning section.
Master Files Sample Page
View the master files page from the purchasing (PUR) section.
Processing Sample Page
View the processing page from the quality management (QMS) section.

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