As application consultants helping companies implement BPCS, upgrade BPCS or use BPCS better, we are constantly providing BPCS training.  From DS Solutions’ perspective, the question is whether the training is conducted in a “formal” classroom setting or working side by side with the key users.  DS Solutions has done both successfully.
In general, when DS Solutions provides “formal” training, we first learn about your business and products.  Next, we work with you to tailor the content and agenda for the training.  The training is conducted at your location using your data.  We do not charge a special “higher rate” for training, as some other consulting companies do.  Finally, we do not charge a per student fee and do not limit the size of the class (unless the number is so large that it would make it impossible to cover the material).  We have allowed customers to videotape training sessions for their future use, at no additional charge.
DS Solutions also offers AS/SET ADK training to introduce the key concepts related to application development in AS/SET ADK.  In addition, the participants will develop navigational skills within the ADK product.

BPCS Experience
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