Upgrade Support

An upgrade is very similar to an implementation and would follow the same ten phases DS Solutions follows for an implementation.  There should still be the formation of a project team, modeling, a prototype, updated user procedures, cutover planning and post cutover support.  The major difference is that project deliverables are not being created for the first time, but rather, updated to reflect new processes or revised processes based on new software functionality.
A few items unique to upgrades are:
  1. Training of end users may be more net change training versus detailed module training required during a first time implementation.
  2. Reviewing all current enhancements to determine which enhancements can be left behind and which enhancements need to be retrofitted to the new version of the software.
  3. Though you don't have traditional data conversion like you would when you implement for the first time (legacy system to BPCS), there still is a need to run SSA supplied utilities for migrating data from your current version to the new version.  Part of upgrading should be to test these utilities and make sure there are no surprises.
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